Super Mario Bros Movie: Full-Length Feature Online

The Super Mario Bros Movie: Full-Length Feature Online

The Super Mario Bros movie is a classic film that has been enjoyed by generations of fans. The movie was released in 1993 and was directed by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel. It is based on the popular video game franchise of the same name, which was created by Nintendo. The movie follows the adventures of Mario and Luigi as they try to save Princess Daisy from the evil King Koopa.

The Plot

The movie takes place in a parallel universe where dinosaurs never went extinct and evolved into intelligent beings. The story begins with a meteorite crashing into Earth, which opens a portal to this parallel universe. The meteorite is discovered by a young girl named Daisy, who is then kidnapped by King Koopa and taken to the parallel universe.

Mario and Luigi, who are plumbers in Brooklyn, are then recruited by Daisy’s father to rescue her. They travel through the portal and find themselves in a strange and dangerous world. Along the way, they meet a variety of characters, including Toad, Yoshi, and the beautiful Princess Daisy.

The Cast

The movie features an all-star cast, including Bob Hoskins as Mario, John Leguizamo as Luigi, and Dennis Hopper as King Koopa. Samantha Mathis plays Princess Daisy, and Richard Edson plays Toad.

The Reception

The Super Mario Bros movie was not well-received by critics when it was first released. Many fans of the video game franchise were disappointed with the movie’s departure from the source material. However, over the years, the movie has gained a cult following and is now considered a classic by many fans.

Where to Watch

If you’re a fan of the Super Mario Bros movie, you’ll be happy to know that you can now watch it online for free. The movie is available on the NCBNA website, and you can watch it anytime, anywhere.


The Super Mario Bros movie may not have been a critical success, but it has certainly stood the test of time. It is a fun and entertaining movie that is sure to delight fans of the video game franchise. So why not grab some popcorn and settle in for a nostalgic trip back to the 90s?


1. Is the Super Mario Bros movie available on any streaming services?

No, the movie is not currently available on any streaming services. However, you can watch it for free on the NCBNA website.

2. Is the Super Mario Bros movie appropriate for children?

Yes, the movie is rated PG and is suitable for children.

3. How long is the Super Mario Bros movie?

The movie has a runtime of 104 minutes.

4. Who plays King Koopa in the Super Mario Bros movie?

Dennis Hopper plays the role of King Koopa in the movie.

5. Is the Super Mario Bros movie faithful to the video game franchise?

No, the movie takes many liberties with the source material and is not considered faithful to the video game franchise.


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